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Welcome! Thanks for visiting the Troop 178 website. We're an active, growing troop with a long tradition of building character, leadership and citizenship in young men. In addition to our weekly meetings, we hold monthly outings that include camping, hiking, biking, fishing, swimming, and many other season activities. In Troop 178, boys get a chance to learn, to grow, and to be their best with some of the best people you will find anywhere. Take a look around...we'd love to have you join us for the Scouting adventure of a lifetime!


Troop Meeting at Methodist Church, September 26

Posted on Sep 22 2016 - 1:56pm

Don't forget, troop meetings will be at the United Methodist Church from Sept. 26 until next spring. We will remind everyone of the rules and expected behavior while at the church. You should wear your Class A uniform for troop meetings at the church.

Pizza Ranch Fundraiser Results

Posted on Sep 22 2016 - 1:56pm

Mike Mathias (Drake's dad) reports that our troop's 2017 Jamboree participants were able to raise more than $600 at the Pizza Ranch fundraiser on Sept. 21! That comes to about $123 per Scout for the five who helped! Those funds will be available to help them pay their way to Jamboree. The boys were excellent representatives of Scouting and the troop, and they hustled all night taking care of hundreds of guests. A big thanks to everyone who came out to Pizza Ranch, and to the parents who also worked hard to make it happen: Mr. and Mrs. Mathias, Mrs. Newman, Mr. Hummel, and Mr. Misfeldt.

Pumpkin Festival Thanks!

Posted on Sep 22 2016 - 1:56pm


Many Scouts and  many adults made another Pumpkin Festival a great success for Troop 178! Among them are Brad Johnson, who did an outstanding job signing up Scouts for trash duty and handling all of the logistics related to that important job. We should also recognize Sean Mulkey for delivering the trailer to the Pumpkin Festival site and storing gear in his garage. And for the parade, Patti Orzel made sure we had plenty of Scouts to carry the flag, and Debbi Draeger made sure we had the flag to carry. Thank you to all of these adult leaders for making sure everything  ran smoothly throughout the four days of the festival. And of course, a huge thank you to the many Scouts, adult leaders, and parents who took time out of their busy weekend to make sure Troop 178 was well represented everywhere we went. When we work together, there is no limit to what we can accomplish for ourselves and for our community!

Shop at Kroger and Support MUMM

Posted on Sep 22 2016 - 1:55pm

If you shop at Kroger and you already have a Kroger Plus card, you can help support our charter organization, the Morton United Methodist Men. But first, you need to create an online account so the amount of your purchases can be logged; a percentage of all purchases directed to a specific organization generates a donation to them from Kroger. Go to www.krogercommunityrewards.com to create an account -- you will need your Kroger Plus card number. Follow the instructions after the account has been created. You will be asked for a number for the Morton United Methodist Men, and that is 10235. Your future purchases will count toward Kroger's donation. It's easy, and it's a great way to thank MUMM for being our sponsor! Note: If you have previously set up a Kroger Community Rewards account, you have to re-enroll every year to continue sending a percentage of your Kroger purchases to the Morton United Methodist Men. Re-enroll today and keep funding our charter organization.

Snow Base 2017: Sign Up by September 19

Posted on Sep 17 2016 - 10:30pm

For the second year, we are planning a Snow Base winter camping adventure at Tomahawk Scout Reservation in Birchwood, Wisconsin! Yes, it’s the same place where we went to summer camp, with snow, frozen lakes, and lots of winter fun! Several programs are offered: we are proposing to take Scouts for the Snow Huskies program (6th grade and older, no outdoor camping but lots of outdoor fun) and Spearhead (7th grade and older, includes outdoor camping one night).

Popcorn Selling Is In Full Swing!

Posted on Sep 17 2016 - 10:29pm

The annual Trail's End popcorn sale is under way! Get out there and sell so you can earn funds to help pay for your Scouting adventures, while also helping the troop stay financially strong. Here is what you can earn:

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